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This station became an afloat one with the arrival of the 'Sir Max Aitken II' in 1999, replacing the 'Lord Saltoun' which was the last boat to be launched down the slip from the former station at Brims. Now based at the Longhope pier a new station house and breakwater were built, the lifeboat now being moored alongside a pontoon. For all information prior to 1999 please visit the museum site.

The new station house was officially opened by Mrs. Norma Marwick, vice-chairman of the RNLI in Scotland, on the 28th. June 2003.

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Sir Max Aitken

'Sir Max Aitken II' 1999 - 2004

Arun class lifeboat
Number of Launches:- 14
Number of Lives Saved:- 0
Coxswain: Kevin Kirkpatrick 2002-
Since the arrival of the ‘Sir Max Aitken II’ most of the calls she has answered has been to assist vessels or to tow them back to safety, one such incident accrued when the fishing boat ‘Challenger’ capsized at the back of Brims while on route home. The Lifeboat stood by ready to assist, while the crew of the 'Challenger' were picked up by the fishing vessel ‘Incentive’. The Lifeboat took the upturned boat in tow but it sank shortly after, the incident was recorded and the Lifeboat returned to her station.

'The Queen Mother' 2004 - 2006

The 'Sir Max Aitken II' was replaced by 'The Queen Mother' in June 2004 as she was a much newer Arun class boat. She had previously been stationed in Thurso which has a great bond of friendship with us.

'The Helen Comrie' is our latest boat, arriving in 2006. She has already proved herself in bad weather in assisting the FR8 Venture.